Strike Industries Enhanced Grip Module For P365 | Grip Module | Fits P365 | Requires Cut For Manual Safety | FDE | SI-SEGM-P365-FDE

Strike Industries
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This grip module comes with an increased palm swell, an undercut for the middle finger, texturing on all sides of the grip, and a deep scallop cut on both sides of the grip for the shooting hand's thumb and finger — all to create fantastic ergonomics.

Borrowing from common aftermarket upgrades that gun owners do to Glock frames, we added a very small, but effective gas pedal area (Dynamic Control™) on both sides of the grip with staggered steps that go deeper into the grip which surrounds a stippled area that comes as standard straight from our factory to help with recoil management.



  • Family: Strike Industries
  • Model: P365 Enhanced Grip Module
  • Type: Grip Module
  • Finish: Polymer
  • Color: FDE
  • Frame: P365