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Leisure Carry
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This is the longer version of the standard COB, it is most commonly used by those with wider waists, so that the belt can spread the weight over a more favorable area. It is also preferred by people who carry spare mags that are not attached to an appendix rig. If you aren't sure which you ought to go with, just shoot us a message or DM someplace and we can point you in the right direction.


The 14.5" Clip on Belt 'XL' (C.O.B. for short) is made from a stiff piece of American-made Biothane. Which is a nylon webbing, like all edc belts are but also coated with a dense polymer that feels more like leather when it's contacting you. The HD material will 'break in' similar to stiff leather, softening slightly over time and taking to the shape of how you prefer to carry it. It can also be warmed up and laid out flat again to return to its original shape.



  • Family: Leisure Carry
  • Model: 14.5” XL C.O.B
  • Type: Belts
  • Finish: Nylon
  • Color: Black
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Leisure Carry