Posted by Ethan C-Zone At Rifle Supply on 10th May 2024

Glock 19 vs. Glock 19C: Performance and Experience Comparison


For many Glock enthusiasts and newcomers alike, choosing between the standard Glock 19 and its compensated counterpart, the Glock 19C, can be a daunting decision. Today, we're breaking down the differences from a shooter's perspective to help you make an informed choice. Our shootout took place at the well-equipped FT3 range in Stanton, California, a fantastic spot for all your shooting needs.

Glock 19: The Reliable Standard

The Glock 19 is renowned for its reliability and versatility as a compact firearm that serves both duty and personal defense roles effectively. Its 4-inch barrel offers a good balance of maneuverability and accuracy, making it a staple in the collections of law enforcement and private citizens alike.

Key Features:

  • Barrel Length: 4 inches
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: Standard 15 rounds
  • Handling: Smooth and balanced without any modifications

Glock 19C: Enhanced Control with Compensated Porting

On the other hand, the Glock 19C introduces compensated porting, which aims to reduce muzzle rise and enhance shooting accuracy during rapid fire scenarios. This feature is particularly valuable in larger calibers where controlling recoil can become challenging.

Key Features:

  • Barrel Length: 4 inches with compensated ports
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: Standard 15 rounds
  • Special Feature: Ports on the barrel and slide to direct gases upward, reducing muzzle flip

Performance Comparison

During our tests at the FT3 range, both models performed exceptionally, but the differences were notable:

  • Glock 19: As expected, the Glock 19 handled like a dream. It’s stable and predictable—qualities that you want in a reliable service pistol. It's perfect for both experienced shooters and those new to handguns.
  • Glock 19C: The compensated model was impressive in its ability to keep the barrel down during rapid shots. The reduction in muzzle rise is significant, allowing for quicker follow-up shots and overall better control. This feature could be a game-changer for those engaged in competitive shooting or who require fast, accurate discharge in tactical situations.

Considerations for Low Light and Tactical Use

While the Glock 19C shows clear advantages in terms of control and recoil management, it does come with considerations, especially in low-light conditions. The ports release a visible flame, which can be distracting or momentarily impair vision in dark settings—a potential drawback for tactical scenarios or home defense.


Choosing between the Glock 19 and Glock 19C depends largely on your specific needs and shooting conditions. The standard Glock 19 offers reliability without the frills, perfect for general use and traditional concealed carry. Meanwhile, the Glock 19C provides enhanced performance that competitive shooters or those with higher skill levels might find more appealing, especially if rapid, controlled fire is a priority.

If you're considering one of these models, come down to FT3 in Stanton, California, where you can test these models and more. For those unable to visit, consider reaching out to local ranges that offer Glock rentals for a firsthand experience.

Whichever model you choose, both Glocks offer exceptional performance that lives up to the brand’s storied reputation.