Posted by Sam At Rifle Supply on 7th May 2024

CCW California Roster Guns

Exploring the Latest Subcompact Firearms on California's Roster

Howdy, It’s Sam from Rifles Fly, and in today's post, we're diving into some of the latest subcompact firearms that have been added to California's handgun roster. So let’s get right into the details of these models.

The Lineup

We’re looking at four different models today: the Sig P365 California compliant model, the Springfield Hellcat Pro, the Springfield Hellcat, and the Shield Plus. Each of these firearms brings something unique to the table, and we're here to provide you with a shooter's perspective on their performance.

Sig Sauer P365

Starting with the Sig P365, this model is known for its modularity. Although I find it a bit too snappy for my taste, the ability to customize it into multiple configurations is a huge plus. It’s designed with a California mag disconnect and a manual safety, adding an extra layer of security that some shooters might appreciate.

Springfield Hellcat Pro

Moving on to the Hellcat Pro, this gun stands out with its optic-ready feature and a slimmer profile, similar to a Glock 19 but thinner. It's straightforward in design, lacking a manual safety except for the trigger safety, which I personally prefer for simplicity and reliability under pressure.

Shield Plus

The Shield Plus has been a reliable carry for many, including myself, for over six years. The new model improves on the original with a better texture and a more comfortable grip. It lacks night sights, which might be a deal-breaker for some, but its budget-friendly price makes it an appealing option for shooters looking to customize their setup without breaking the bank.

Springfield Hellcat

Lastly, the standard Springfield Hellcat, though smaller than the Pro, offers similar features. It's compact, making it easy to handle, especially for those with smaller hands. However, its narrow grip might not suit everyone, especially those used to larger firearms.

Shooting Experience

Each gun gave us a distinct shooting experience at Prado Olympic Shooting Park. The Sig P365, despite not being my favorite due to its recoil, performed reliably. The Hellcat models, both Pro and standard, impressed with their ergonomic designs and ease of handling. The Shield Plus stood out for its comfort and ease of shooting, making it a solid choice for both novice and experienced shooters.

Final Thoughts

What I love about these testing sessions is the chance to experience the firearms firsthand and provide real, practical insights. Whether you agree with our assessments or not, we encourage all shooters to try out these models themselves. Personal preference plays a huge role in selecting the right firearm, and nothing beats hands-on experience.

Remember, the best firearm for you is one that feels right in your hands, suits your needs, and meets your expectations for performance and safety. Don't hesitate to visit your local range or gun shop to test these models for yourself. Feel free to watch the youtube below to see these ccw california guns in action.

Stay safe, train hard, and keep exploring the options out there. Happy shooting!