Top Upgrades For Your New Glock

Posted by Tony & Rifle Supply Team on 17th Dec 2021

Top Upgrades For Your New Glock

Top Glock Upgrades For Your New Pistol

So you've had your Glock for a while now and you are ready for some upgrades. You take to the internet for Glock accessories, once you hit that search button you are smacked in the face with thousands of parts from hundreds of manufacturers. It's a bit overwhelming and you have no idea what quality upgrades are and what's not worth your time or money.

Well, that's where we come in. We have done the legwork for you and used our hands-on experience and knowledge to cut out the white noise and compile a list of the 4 upgrades we recommend that are valuable modifications to make.

These upgrades are focused on function, not form, having a Tacti-Cool weapon has its place but our aim for this article is to help the ability to manipulate your pistol and improve performance where seconds count. So, without further adieu, here are Rifle Supply’s recommendations for the top upgrades for your new pistol.

Flared Magwell

A flared magwell is an upgrade that offers lots of advantages when in use. It attaches to the bottom of the pistol grip and increases the size and provides a tapered edge at the entrance to the magazine well, allowing for smoother and more confident reloads. Specifically, the Agency Arms Magwell is machined from 6061 Aluminum and Mil-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Anodized. It was designed to be streamlined and helps to position the hand higher on the firearm and creates a small funnel effect to aid you while reloading. Having the ability to quickly and accurately reload is critical no matter if you are in competition or a life and death situation. This is why we recommend it as one of the first upgrades to make on your stock Glock.

Find Agency Magwell here for: COMPACT or FULL SIZE

Extended Magazine release

So you've installed the flared magwell and with practice you now can load a magazine blindfolded with no issues. Well, loading the mag is only half the reload battle; now it's time to get the empty mag out, and nothing can aid in that process better than an extended magazine release. An extended release will help make your pistol easier to manipulate and could prevent you from fumbling around when time is of the essence, especially for those of us with smaller hands. The Zev Technologies Extended Magazine Release was designed to be a drop-in replacement that's easy to install. It has become a popular option due to its ease of use allowing you to reload without much shifting of your grip, so you can get back on target quicker. It provides a textured button face for smooth and comfortable use. It's machined from Billet Aluminum and Hard Anodized so you can be confident it's going to provide you with reliable performance and buttery smooth reloads every time.

Find Zev Technologies Extended Magazine Release here for: COMPACT or FULL SIZE

Tactical Slide Stop

Another great upgrade to improve handling performance is the extended slide release or tactical slide stop. This addition will bring the slide release closer to your thumb so consistently fast reloads and easier jam clears. Vickers Glock Tactical Slide Stop is precision stamped and formed from 4130 chromoly steel with a durable hard coat finish. It features a reshaped thumb pad with serrations to allow for easy release of the slide.

If you find that you are having issues finding the release without looking or it's hard to reach then this is a must-have modification.

Find Vickers Glock Tactical Slide Stop here for: SINGLE STACK or COMPACT/FULL SIZE

Extended Take Down

Now that you are home from the range for the day, it's time to clean your Glock, and using an extended slide lock will drastically improve your ability to remove the slide. Whether you are doing routine maintenance or cleaning, the Cross Armory Extended Slide Lock will improve your Glock not only functionally but also aesthetically. Designed to improve ergonomics for slide removal but not in an intrusive way. Made from 4140 Ordnance steel and is treated to be corrosion resistant and will not interfere with your holster.

Find Cross Armory Extended Slide Lock here for: COMPACT or FULL SIZE


Well there you go, the Rifle Supply Top Glock Upgrades For Your New Glock. I encourage you to try out new options and see what feels right for you. These upgrades are intended to help you manipulate the pistol better and improve your physical handling of the gun. Remember to think about what upgrades and modifications you are considering using, and how that will affect feel and performance.

Glock has sold millions of firearms all over the world and are one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry today. That means there is no shortage of accessories or upgrades to choose from and I hope that we have helped narrow down what you might want to start with.