Strike Fat Comp 02 - 556

Strike Industries
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The Strike Industries FAT COMP (FC)!  The FC comes in four different versions and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the SI Cobra Dummy Suppressor.  The FAT COMP features four different styles made to fit any desired look.  Its 1.5ā€¯ diameter can also fit inside most free float handguard rail systems and directly attaches to any AR barrel with a 1/2ā€¯x28 thread pitch.  All FAT COMPs are made of steel and coated with a matte black finish.


Product Spec:
- Length: 2"
- Weight: 7.8oz
- Outer Diameter: 1.5''
- Inner Diameter: 0.254"
- Thread Pitch: 1/2x28 
- Caliber: .223/5.56


Package include:
- 1 x Fat Comp



- Works with any AR style rifle with a 1/2ā€¯x28 thread pitch
- Fits inside some free float handguard rail systems
- Engineered to seamlessly work with the SI Cobra Dummy Suppressor
- COMP 02 is a tubular designed muzzle break. This FC is machined with a total of 24 port holes (18 small, 6 large).