Rifle Supply T.1.T.S. Distressed | Breast Cancer Awareness | Women's V-Neck

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The T1TS shirts are back! This year's Tier 1 Tactical Squad breast cancer awareness month shirts have a new distressed look, an updated Rifle Supply logo on the back, and a breast cancer flag shoulder print.
This is our favorite version so far, grab one now while you still can!

Breast Cancer awareness is a big deal for us here at Rifle Supply. With several friends and family of the shop having past experiences with Breast Cancer, it has always been important for us to spread awareness and do what we can to support research efforts. With that being said, we are going to make sure that 50% OF THE PROCEEDS GET DONATED TO BREAST CANCER RESEARCH! 

More specifically, we will be donating to the "Breast Cancer Research Foundation". Please support us in our goal to spread awareness, and get a badass shirt while you're at it!