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Like the original TACO®, the X2R® will handle nearly any type of magazine, but the stacked design allows the user to carry two mags in a single pouch.

High Speed Gear's Adaptable Belt Mount (ABM) attachment format offers a sturdier alternative for mounting to belts. This attachment method uses a strip of durable, vinyl-backed, heavy-duty nylon laminate and reliable snap closure to create a belt loop. Three laser-cut slits enable the user to thread the loop smaller or larger for 1.5"ļæ½-1.75"ļæ½, 1.75"ļæ½-2"ļæ½ or 2"-2.25" belts, respectively. The inside of this fashioned belt loop features a patch of hook designed to match up with the interior loop of High Speed's rigger belts to lock the pouch in the desired position on your belt.

Uses a thin polymer divider to separate and secure any combination of rifle magazines
Magazines deploy easily and silently on demand
Strip of loop fastener sewn inside for additional contact and grip
MOLLE version includes HSGI® Clips for attachment to MOLLE or PALS
ABM version can mount to belts up to 2.25"