Winchester Mini-Pull Pistol Cleaning Kit | 14 Piece | 357/38/9MM | DACWIN9P

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Winchester Mini Pistol Cleaning Kit

DAC Technologies is a leading manufacturer of affordable, high-quality gun cleaning kits, gun safety devices and other outdoor products. The GunMaster brand of gun cleaning kits offers a wide assortment that is sure to serve the maintenance needs of even the most avid shooting enthusiast. In addition to the GunMaster brand, DAC Technologies has you covered when it comes to firearm safety. For protection from theft and unauthorized use, choose from one of our several gun locks to keep your guns safe and sound. Once your guns are clean and safe, check out our other outdoor and shooting items.

  • 14 Pieces
  • Red Winchester case
  • Hybrid multi-function handle
  • 9mm brush
  • 9mm mop
  • Two brass rods
  • 9mm slot tip
  • 9mm solid brass jag
  • 25 patches
  • Six piece bit set (2 phillips, two flat heads, one star and one hex)