Say Again Over Large Magnet | American Flag | Green

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Fly your flag high. On your fridge or your fence. On your Toyota or your toolbox. On your Jeep or your jukebox. Our American Flag Morale Magnets will boost morale for you and everyone who sees them.

Our 50 STAR MAGNETS are unlike anyone else's, and the difference is obvious. Once you see them, you'll get why these are preferred over any others.

50 Stars. 13 Stripes. Centuries of history. One goal. From many, one. America!

Available in a variety of colors. Each magnetic flag has a weather proof, rubberized coating that will keep it safe whether it's indoors or outdoors. All colors come in a satin finish with a slight texture.

Like all magnets, these only work on steel surfaces. Plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and the like, do NOT have magnetic properties. Science!

  • Heavy gauge magnet.
  • Laser cut.
  • 4.5" x 7.8"