Dynamic Weapons Solutions - Glock 19 Gen 3 MRKI "Aggressor" slide With RMR cut plus Cover Plate

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Our MRK I Aggressor for Glock Gen 3 and compatible frames is an extremely aggressive Slide Package. It's features straight serrations and our custom front beveling that truly makes your Glock slide unique and perfect for peaking Maximum Performance. The Reaper Package easily aids in one or two handed manipulation in and around Dynamic Environments. Easily one of our best selling slides for a the last few years, now it's your turn to see why.
Part Number: 1624-2
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Our MRK I Package features very simple and very sleek serrations that allow you the user to aggressively manipulate your firearm. A simple yet elegant design, the MRK I has a variety of variations that truly allow the end user to select their own style while never loosing any performance.

  • Brand New custom stainless steel slide 
  • RMR cut w/cover
  • Screws with RMR cover
  • Straight Serrations 
  • Choice of Cerakote color
  • FREE Sight install (if purchased at the same time as the slide)
  • FREE Install of upper parts kit (if purchased at the same time as the slide)

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