Covid19 Updates

What is being affected by covid-19?

Here we will outline how Covid-19 is affecting our business, and what the implications are for you as a customer.


Due to supply chain issues related to Covid-19, many of the usual products that we stock are getting harder to get ahold of. For firearms, instead of being able to shop distributors and buy whatever we want, we are now limited to only getting firearms in on allocation, meaning that we can only buy firearms when our distributors reach out to us with a list of what is available.

These issues have been resulting in limited product selection or difficulty in acquiring specific firearms that our customers are seeking. We will still always work closely with our customers to ensure that we can get what they are looking for as soon as possible, but it just may take longer than usual.

We are still consistently working to get popular products in stock as often as possible, and things have been slowly improving as time goes on. We appreciate your patience through these difficult times!


Because of CDC regulations and our own intentions to prevent the spread of Covid, we are often experiencing staffing issues with team members out sick. For the health of our customers and employees, we are extremely strict on having sick team members stay home and get tested so they can get better as soon as possible and so we can be sure to limit the spread of any Covid cases to other employees or customers.

These processes have been cutting our crew size in half on some days, which results in longer processing times. On days when we are running thin, processing times can increase from our standard 1-3 days to upwards of 7-10 days.

We absolutely understand that this can be frustrating for customers who are looking to get their orders quickly, but we hope you can understand our position and that we are doing the best we can and constantly working to get back to a consistent 1-3 day processing time.

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